Home Sick, Sick Home by Okan Yıldırım

OJ happily announces Okan Yildirim‘s solo show ‘Home Sick, Sick Home’, which brings together, along with site-specific installations and a new series of paintings on glass, a new video piece filmed in Istanbul. ‘Home Sick, Sick Home’, transforming the Asmalimescit-based OJ space into psychological experience.

Loneliness of The Long
Distance Runner

We started from the top now we here…
Libidinal investment yes to some extent.
acquired mental weakness. Surely.
Okan Gangnam Style meanwhile.
Note for myself.
Break out of this eternal cycle of functioning
Open to all possible interpretations crossed out
It’s that old devil moon in your eyes.
Symbolic deadlock homie
Locate the brutal outburst of violence
track it down
and direct it at yourself.
Tiny private dreams of PM
stage a desire
our nightmares, our realities
We crafted them, sustained then
You wanted to be special so take it.
Fantasy, fundamentally a lie covering up inconsistency providing an easy solution to a complex multitude of fears.
Now substitute this fear with one simple answer:
Starving predators
Margin of freedom and fascists get their cakes and eat it
D is for demon in democracy.
Hey, remember when the white supremacist Richard Spencer got punched in the face 2 months ago?
Here it is from another angle
Rectum reconstruction required
after bull impales matador (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
Propelled by absolute demand.
Circulate and reproduce brutality
anything can be sacrificed
In the name of perverted duty
inertia on the far side fo’ the real motherfucker
Maybe a chance for an authentic passive experience chaperoned by something new merging
through failure.
Where we are:; They sought refuge in the mountain of death.
Wastefulness and extravaganza.
Migrants and of course the slaves.
Which poetry to quote? ..Post modern 1930’s.
#tbt , exactly five years ago today, in Casablanca, with my friends’ kitten (who they had found as a small kitten in the hood of their car)
The bourgeois in their ridiculous sympathy with working classes in psychological distress. desiring to reconstitute their self image lol.
It’s really a new version of one of the old favourite imperial myths.
Upper class people loose their vitality and need to get in contact with working class basically ruthlessly exploiting them in a vampire-like way, sucking their life energy, revitalising themselves so they can proceed with their secluded upper class life proving once more that democracy would be banned if it ever threatened to change anything.
Interpolated subjects of pleasure.
It’s a painful experience.
Apply gentle force.
The extreme violence of liberation.
Freedom dooms and enjoyment in disturbed pleasure, enjoyment in pain and the excessive factors
disturbing the apparently simple relationship between duty and pleasure.
Do not betray your desires.
Do not believe it’s your day.
It’s not your day.
Take a look outside your window.
Pretend to denounce and you can get it all.
If there is no god everything is allowed.
(For the hearing impaired: the ezan being blasted in the background)
Based in New York, New York,
Upcoming carrots
Forbes top 10 under 30
retrospectively adhered reasons and polution.
Perhaps the ultimate horror of a desire itself is to be fully satisfied.
Ultimate melancholic experience:; the loss of desire itself.
From sublime to excremental dimension.
Be careful what you wish for
Don’t gasp for applause and appraisal
If you are worthy of applause and appraisal it will be in the mere records
You see what really drives the violence of the hero is the deep suspicion that the victim is not simply
a victim, that the victim assumably and affectively in a perverted way enjoys or even participates in
what appears as victimhood.
Victim A doesn’t want to be redeemed. A resists. B does not.
“Even if horses could talk, we wouldn’t be able to understand their sophisticated anarchomonist
Carlos Mark
The founder of Dominos Pizza.
You see we started from the top now the whole team fucking here