Memorial Danger Zone by Burkut Kum

Orange Juice presents Burkut Kum‘s solo exhibition, Memorial Danger Zone, a series of newly commissioned works reflecting on esoteric possibilities through two-dimensional aesthetics, experiments on sculptural installations and site-specific video-works curated by Selin Turam.

Kum’s works evoke an ever-lasting temporary feeling of metaphysical poetry.
The show represents a crossing platform of stimuli-generating objects, imagery, sound and/or any element, deriving from clues of archetypal meta-narratives and its possible utterances.

Reflecting on multi-dimensional scapes where notions of analog and digital are merged to an extent where new realities are presented; the exhibition eliminates the juxtapositional gaps of context between abstraction and representation, fact and fiction, volume and flatness. Memorial Danger Zone reinvigorates micro-utopian moments where ideas of transmutation of thought into material reality emerge almost as a reminder or an affirmation that the physical begins in the incorporeal.

The upland pond smokes continuously.

What witch will rise against the white west sky?

What violet frondescence fall?

While public funds evaporate in feasts of fraternity,

a bell of rosy fire rings in the clouds.

Reviving a pleasant taste of India ink,

a black powder rains on my vigil.

I lower the jets of the chandelier,

I throw myself on my bed,

and turning my face towards the darkness,

I see you, my daughters! my queens!