Poligon ‘The Shooting Gallery’ and Orange Juice present the refurbished exhibition of Fresh Max (Vienna) -U N I T E D M E L T- curated by Ulas Parkan.

“In the hyper-abstraction of conceptual capitalism, in which concept and currency both become code, the logos triumphs over the non-identical refuse that is sensory experience-to the extent to which the latter can no longer be fetishized as an oppositional force.”*

Fresh Max is an artist and graphic designer. The aesthetic of his artworks moves between post-graffiti, “Shutter-stock” -Pictures, all kinds of symbols and cyber tender romantic. FM is trying to live the European dream, it doesn‘t matter what that is. Together with his crew IRGA IRGA (Knarf, Mafia-Tabak, and Shida) he also runs a magazine called « Wandblatt“. It‘s a handmade and artists driven print publication dedicated to everything between contemporary art, graffiti and street art.

“I am searching for an aesthetic, which doesn’t have the aim of looking decorative. Pictures often have much more energy if they are not perfect and clean, and irritate you in a strange way.”

Fresh Max, 2016.

“I think the destructive element is too much neglected in art”**

* Sven Lütticken, Idols of the Market: Modern Iconoclasm and the Fundamentalist Spectacle

**Piet Mondrian

Curators note:

The exhibition we prepared was scheduled to open on 21.07.2016, unfortunately, a week before, while doing a soft opening at the gallery Turkey witnessed a military coup attempt. A one-piece that consists of 15 frames was partially damaged because of the sonic booms during the coup attempt.